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Monday, November 26, 2007


this constant ache i have held for days. no longer do i know its source. tears burn the edges of my eyes so i turn to wind. pray that they dry unnoticed, undropped. the ache tells me i miss you while im next to you. reminscent of time passed. correlation i have tried to avoid seeing. it stings like a cut deep within. my mind repeats to not worry. to find strength in myself. only alone i grow weak. tears lost amid the streams of water. sound lost in spray. love. what is love but another ache. a package i hold in my hands. fear keeps it there. fear of the drop. the fall. i wont let it hit bottom again.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

my heart

Alone in my bed with thoughts of you. Musings of moments past. How we got to this place I don't know. I miss your "I love you" I miss your ideal of us. a part of me knows how we got to this place. It refuses to clarify itself fully for selfish reasons. A means to an end. An end to reason. You ask why but its not something so easily divulged. something this delicate. heart fragile as it is. It cries of my cruelity, my coldness. A show of my selfish thinking. A show of my weakness in answer to your strength. how could I tell your that our dreams were more difficult than I had the capacity for. my error in the uncompletion of our goals. my fear. always my fear that brings down towers built of love, light and dreams. little solice in that your place is solid. always truth. forgive me for my weakness. your strength overpowers my own. destiny. if this be destiny then this is the path laid. only knowledge is gained in this travel. my love is constant as my world changes.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Self Torment

My moon, my sunshine, and my star

Facilitating my torment

Torn in unknown places

Pain is an unrelenting ache

Fire cannot burn in water

Knowingly walking into this was my mistake

A yen for simplicity when there is none

How can I cause pain to the one my heart holds dear

Yet how can I not touch the one flesh draws near

The same thought rolls through my mind





Exhaling the moment of insanity

Life is never clear

Mine ever runs in circles


Unbroken, unyielding

Truth always comes

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